• --Plenty of Space for Your Outdoor Gear: Cobiz packable day packs features 30 liters of roomy space, along with two space bag layers to help you keep everything you need well-organized, close at hand, and easy to carry.
  • --Room For Your Life to Travel With You: Your new Cobiz camping backpack also comes with a special space for your laptop and computer, a dedicated headphone jack, and a built-in safety pocket where you can keep your IDs and other all-important items safely stowed away.
  • --Waterproofed for Wild Conditions: The waterproof material that covers the exterior of these backpacks ensures that you can hike, fish, camp, and hunt in a variety of weather conditions without worrying that your supplies will end up soggy and water-damaged.
  • --S-Shaped Shoulder Straps For a Firmer Fit: And since these are double shoulder straps, you’ll also spread out the burden of whatever you’re carrying in a more ergonomic manner, without putting too much strain on one part of your back or shoulders.
  • --Wander the Wilderness In Safety: Every backpack comes with a safety reflector strip sewn on, so you’ll know you’re traveling with an extra degree of safety when you’re out in the open at night or traversing dark roads on your way back home.

Ultralight Travel Backpack ,Cobiz 30L Water Resistant Roomy Foldable Lat

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