• It's a bundle product,including Pyraminx, Mega-minx, 3 x 3 Mirror speed magic cube. A set of three great fun puzzles will meet all your needs.
  • Unbelievable Value - There are 3 best-selling rubix cubes, if you were to buy all of this separately, it would cost 3x the amount you bought these for.
  • Twist and Turn Smooth as Silk - This cube is noted for its extremely smooth operation and lasting durability. The stickers won't peel off, and you'll get hours upon hours of trouble-free play. If your cube broken or stickers peel off within three months, we will free replacement of a new one for you.
  • Perfect Gift for Any Occasion - The magic speed cube pack is a fun, inexpensive, and unique gift for everyone; grab a few gift cubes and watch your friends and family have a blast with this timeless, brain teaser magic speed cube they can take anywhere - even on the plane!
  • Completing the magic speed cube is a challenge, but once you solve it, which can bring you great satisfaction. Enjoy the challenge and fun.

Pyraminx Speed Cube Bundle with Megaminx, Silver Mirror Magic Puzzle, Best Gift

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