Days suppose to wear pretty dresses and scandals, but Lily still anxious, depressed and exceedingly self-distrusted. Until one day, she received a gift from her parents--a Raniaco toenail clippers ! It is made of stainless steel and easy to operate. For easier dead skin removing, all you need to do is soaking your feet before the using. This magic scissors finally solved Lily’s problem, and Lily, ecstatically, gave a thankful call to her parents right away. 
Special feature 
hand-polished (The surface of the product ) 
Tips of Cutting out an In grown Toenail Edge 
Soak your foot. When soaking your foot, put a few tablespoons of salt or antibacterial soap in the water. 
The nail will be soft after soaking about 10 minutes so that the trimming would be much less painful .
Warning: For the people who has developed paronychia or the nail has caused swelling and infection, please clean your nails and the clipper and make sure they are bacteria free.)

Prevention of the Paronychia
1.Give your foot nails enough space and Avoid the small shoes that will press the nails into skin. 
2.Cut and trim your nails frequently into the common arc-shape.
3.Soak a small piece of cotton in antiseptic and insert it under the part of the nail. This will force it to grow out and away from the skin.
4.Pay attention to the proper maintenance of your foot and toenails.

Nail Clippers,Professional Toenail Clippers Set for Thick Ingrown Nails

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