• - Stop Flying Insects At Your Doorstep: Love the way your old screen door lets in the afternoon breeze, but hate the fact that bugs keep finding their way inside whenever you pick up a package, let your dog out into the yard, or notice a tear in the mesh? Then Raniaco’s Magnetic Screen Door is the solution you’ve been longing to see.
  • - Crafted For Quality and Convenience: Each of these doors is made out of fine, high-quality mesh that doesn't tear or detach easily, a lightweight frame that’s easy to handle during the installation process, and magnets that seal securely behind you every time you walk through.
  • - A Door That Knows When to Open and Close: Got kids who are always leaving the door open? Sick of having to drop whatever you're doing just to let your dog or cat in or out? With its hands-free entry flaps and its automatic, magnetic closure, this door is the answer to your problems.
  • - Includes Plenty of Supplies For Simple Installation: When your new magnetic screen door arrives in the mail, you'll also be getting all the Velcro straps, tacks, and hard-wearing adhesives you need to get this door installed safely, securely, and oh-so-easily.
  • - Stay Screened During Melting Summer Heat: Some types of glue break down in the sunlight, leaving you without a working screen door when you need one the most. Our kit comes with an extra full frame velcro, so you can install your screen door with confidence and kiss those weather-based worries goodbye.

Magnetic Screen Door,Up to 35"x82" With Fine, Rip-Resistant Mesh, Automa

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$11.99Sale Price
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