• Easy to operate:This Windshield Repair Kit allows anyone make permanent air-tight repairs on most laminated windshield glass. and it can quickly and effectively repair small cracks, star damage , cobwebs, combination damage in 20-30 minute.
  • Advanced formula: good for multiple repairs, fit with all types of laminated windshields.The air in the crack will block the infiltration of the repair fluid, and our windshield repair kit have vacuum function to quickly remove air from the crack.
  • Vacuum Design: Unique vacuum design will prevent air getting in between the gel and effect on the repair outcome. Vacuum the cracks before injecting the repair gel, the gel will better filling the cracks, the repair windshield will be strong and beautiful.
  • Everything you need:This windshield repair kit includes everything you need to repair your windshield glass, and to create an invisible and undetectable repair for your windshield.
  • For best result:The surface must be clean and dry before it can be properly repaired.Do not allow resin to come into contact with car paint, wiper blades or plastic trim, as this may cause damage.

Cobiz DIY Windshield Repair Kit, with UV Curing Light, Quick Fix

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